Boston Bike Film Festival Seeks Submissions

Organizers of the 7th Annual Boston Bike Film Festival (BBFF) have asked filmmakers with a cycling habit to submit their work to be shown October 14-15, 2011, at the historic Brattle Theatre in Cambridge.  Film submissions are due September 1, 2011.

Types of films shown at the BBFF include animated shorts, narrative stories, and feature length documentaries.  Film concepts from last year's festival ranged from a sad little trike looking for love, to a cycling view of Copenhagen, to a tricked out tour of Wales.

Among the benefits for acclaimed and amateur filmmakers, the Festival offers a chance to get their films in front of audiences who are intrigued and influential to the quality of cycling nationwide. "Based on audience poll, we have definitely found our niche.  We keep tweaking the festival every year," said Cat Bryant, director of the BBFF. "The Boston bike community has shown so much enthusiasm for this event."

The event is a fundraiser for local cycling advocacy groups, including MassBike and Bikes Not Bombs. Festival information and details for submissions can be found at, which will soon include clips from last year's festival. You can also contact Cat Bryant at [email protected]

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