Thank You For Saving Federal Funding!

Your voice has been heard in Congress! Thanks to all of you who responded to our Action Alert this week, federal funding for all transportation programs (including biking and walking) has been extended until March 31, 2012. Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School, and Recreational Trails will continue to receive funding. The bicycling community nationwide generated over 50,000 emails and thousands of calls to the Senate. We reached every single Senator and created a buzz in the halls of Congress. From what we hear, it is clear that, had Senator Coburn offered his amendment on the floor, it would have lost overwhelmingly.

But we should consider ourselves on notice that we will need to defend dedicated funding for biking and walking again in six months when this extension expires. And we will need to be able to get 60 votes in the Senate to overcome a filibuster by opponents of biking and walking. To do that we will need the support of both Senators Kerry and Brown. We have Senator Kerry's vote, but we are not sure about Senator Brown. The push we did this week helps in building that support but we will need to continue to swing Senator Brown firmly to our side.

Dozens of MassBike supporters told us they contacted the Senators, so a huge thanks again to everyone who participated! We will keep you posted on future developments in Washington.

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