UPDATE: Reporting Crashes And Harassment In Boston

Bicyclists have been following our advice and reporting crashes, harassment, and other incidents with motorists to the Boston Police Department. Unfortunately, some bicyclists have reported receiving a less-than-helpful reception from BPD, ranging from disinterest to disdain to outright hostility. MassBike took these concerns directly to the City of Boston and BPD, and learned (or confirmed) some things that everyone should know:

  1. You have a right to file a police report. Don't let an officer talk you out of it.

  2. You can get a copy of the police report from BPD headquarters at the intersection of Tremont Street and Ruggles Street near the Ruggles MBTA Station.

  3. You can request corrections to the report, but you have to visit the station where the report was filed.

  4. You should expect to be treated with respect by BPD officers, and if you are not you can and should let the station Captain know.

  5. You should request that your case be assigned to the auto investigator. Each of the 11 BPD stations has a designated auto investigator who is experienced investigating bicycle/motor vehicle incidents.

  6. You can call the investigator for updates on the progress of your case, or to provide additional information.

We hope this information helps you get justice and hold motorists accountable for their actions. Please continue to keep us posted at [email protected]

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