MassBike's Sharp New Logo

Like a child that has gotten just a little too big for her bike, MassBike recently adopted a new logo to reflect the increasing professionalism and growing importance of the organization. Just like that child's bike, we have gotten a lot of miles out of our old logo, and it worked well for us when we needed it. But the old logo's fine details, small size of the letters, and unusual color choices compelled us to adopt something a little more contemporary and slicker.

Like all things, give the new logo a chance before you decide you don't like it. Wait until you see it on shirts, stickers, brochures, business cards, and bikes - and we think you'll see why it is a dramatic improvement over our past logo. We liked this one because:

  • It is simple.

  • It indicates the mission of the organization (better bicycling for Massachusetts).

  • When placed next to other logos, our name will appear more legible.

  • The slanted box indicates motion (and we are certainly moving toward a bike-friendly state).

Stay tuned as we begin producing MassBike merchandise with the new logo, and act quickly to get your t-shirts, water bottles and other items with the old logo - they're soon to be collector's items!

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