Improving Dangerous Intersections In Underserved Communities

MassBike was recently invited by MassDOT to participate in a Road Safety Audit to help improve Morton Street in Mattapan. This is just one of many audits that take place around the state to improve our most dangerous intersections, and MassBike has been a strong supporter of this work.
Fixing this corridor is important, and the safety audit is a crucial first step to doing so. It is an important regional connection between Blue Hill Avenue and the Casey Overpass, which thousands of people use every day commuting from the South Shore to work at the Longwood Medical Area, Northeastern University, or other employers.
Unfortunately, Morton Street itself wasn't really built to handle that kind of traffic. It is lined with residential buildings, has poor signage, no bike lanes or other markings, and intersections that rank as the state's 185th and 37th most dangerous. Fortunately, there have been no reported car-bike crashes over the past three years, but that may be because few people are willing to bike on that street.
We are glad to be strong partners with MassDOT in their efforts to improve road safety for all users, especially in neighborhoods cut in half by major regional routes with heavy traffic. The day of the audit, there was a car cash involving an MBTA bus, providing a poignant backdrop to the activity. We look forward to our continued partnership with MassDOT as we work toward a common goal of a safer, healthier neighborhood.

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