Help Us Make Our Path And Trail List More Useful!

We need your help! MassBike has been around for a long time, and during that period we have collected all sorts of wonderful information. One bit of information that a lot of you seem to enjoy is our list of paths and trails statewide. The problem is that the list is woefully out of date.

That's where you come in! You probably know your local paths and trails much better than we do, you might even know where there is a website we can find more information, maybe you are working at getting more paths or trails built and they are not even on our list!

Here's how you can help:

1. Look at the list (link)
2. If you spot an error, either list it in the comments here, or contact us
3. Be sure to include as much info as you can, descriptions of the trail, websites, phone numbers, maps, etc all help
4. Be sure to let us know if this is an existing trail or one that is being planned

We can't offer much, but we will be sure to let everyone know that it was you that helped and your efforts will go towards making this resource better for everyone.