Vote For The MassBike Board Of Directors

The 2009 MassBike Board of Directors Election is now open for voting. All current MassBike members are eligible to vote. This year's election is online-only; there are no paper ballots. We have sent emails containing voting information to all members for whom we have email addresses. The email message contains a personalized link for you to review the candidates and vote. If you do not receive an election email, but would like to vote, contact us for assistance. Your vote matters - MassBike is a membership organization, directed by members.

MassBike's Board is responsible for the strategic direction and governance of the organization. Board members also take a leadership role in fundraising and other activities to support MassBike's mission. The Board has 19 members, and 7 of those slots are currently up for election to a three-year term.

Dual/Family Members get two votes. If we have separate email addresses for both voters, then each will receive their own election email. If not, let us know and we'll add the second email address.

Please take a few minutes to vote now; voting closes on December 31, 2009.

Please contact [email protected] or call 617-542-2453 for assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The election system we're using sends the email notices automatically for us, but the "From" address is confusingly labeled "Do Not Reply <[email protected]>". We have no control over this, so plus check your junk mail/spam folders first if you don't see your election email. Then call us if you need help.

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