ACTION ALERT: Contact Your State Representative in Support of E-Bike Rebate Amendement

If passed, amendment #331 would allocate $1,000,000 for an e-bike rebate program. The text of the amendment is as follows:
"1,000,000 shall be expended to the department of energy to create a fund to establish new rebates up to $500 for general consumers and up to $750 for low- and moderate-income consumers and not more than forty percent of retail price for the purchase of new and used electric bicycles. The department of energy resources shall evaluate offering electric bicycle rebates at the point of sale through Massachusetts owned and operated bicycle retailers."

Help us get this rebate passed and make electric bicycles more equitable and accessible to riders across the commonwealth, especially low and moderate-income riders, by contacting your local representative in support of amendment #331 to H4897. Thank you to Rep Blais for championing this e-bike rebate amendment and to all the legislators who support this important initiative.

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