ACTION ALERT: Contact Your State Representative in Support of E-Bike Rebate Amendement

Thanks to Rep. Natalie Blais (1st Franklin), the E-Bike Rebate Amendment has been added to the House Transportation Bond Bill. If you'd like to see e-bike incentives in MA, we need you to email or call your Representative by noon on June 23rd to support amendment #331 to H4897. The vote on the Bond Bill will be held on the afternoon of June 23rd, so your support is needed as soon as possible.

Example email/phone call to your representative (feel free to add why you personally support e-bikes in your comments): "Please support Amendment #331 to An Act relative to Massachusetts’s transportation resources and climate, filed by Rep. Blais. This incentive program will allow more people across the commonwealth to purchase electric-assist bicycles and provide more equitable access to electric bicycles which are out of reach of many riders due to their cost. E-bikes are a solution to both the dual crises facing the Commonwealth of congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, and this simple solution will encourage more people to choose to ride bicycles for everyday use."


If passed, amendment #331 would allocate $1,000,000 for an e-bike rebate program. The text of the amendment is as follows:
"1,000,000 shall be expended to the department of energy to create a fund to establish new rebates up to $500 for general consumers and up to $750 for low- and moderate-income consumers and not more than forty percent of retail price for the purchase of new and used electric bicycles. The department of energy resources shall evaluate offering electric bicycle rebates at the point of sale through Massachusetts owned and operated bicycle retailers."

Help us get this rebate passed and make electric bicycles more equitable and accessible to riders across the commonwealth, especially low and moderate-income riders, by contacting your local representative in support of amendment #331 to H4897. Thank you to Rep Blais for championing this e-bike rebate amendment and to all the legislators who support this important initiative.

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  • Laura De Veau
    E-Bike POS programs are an incredible opportunity to not only provide alternative transportation, but also contribute to our climate goals and – if done properly – the program can also address equity. This is an incredible program out of Denver that we can learn from.

    This is is a great start, but we need to do get this passed and begin to boost this program city by city, and specifically targeting populations that will most benefit from e-bikes. Here’s an interview with the individual who administers the program that I recently did for Build the Era.
  • Mark Duffield
    While I see the potential benefits of having more e-bikes on the streets, what I am currently seeing as a year-around bike commuter are e-bike riders abusing bike paths by going to fast and not obeying the rules. I would very much like to see some of these funds going towards e-bike rider awareness and education so that pedestrians, traditional bicycles, e-bikes, and automobiles can share the spaces that we all use.
  • Jes Slavin