Action Alert: Support Concord Ave Protected Bike Lanes in Belmont

Belmont is currently considering installing parking-protected bicycle lanes on Concord Avenue. Your support is needed today to ensure these lanes can be installed with the planned repaving of Concord Avenue.

The bicycle lanes that currently exist discourage inexperienced riders from biking on Concord Avenue. They leave people on bikes between parked cars and the busy travel lane with buses. Right now, students who may be biking to school could experience blocked bike lanes, car doors opening into their bike lane, and other hazards as they are left unprotected. Parking protected bike lanes reduce the risk of dooring, eliminate the risk that vehicles can block the bike lane, prevent bicyclists from being passed too close, and invite riders of all ages and abilities to cycle. 

Progress on these plans was held back by neighbors concerned with the minimal parking loss these new lanes would create. The process is now starting again, but we need your support to make sure these lanes can be installed this year with the planned repaving of Concord Avenue. 

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