Traffic calming in Newton

Following is the email I sent the City of Newton on 10/19/16 relative to the crazy traffic calming measures on Concord Street:

As a driver and bicycle rider, I was alarmed and disappointed to see the "traffic calming measures" on Concord Street between Washington Street and St Mary's Street. I appreciate the concern about vehicular speed on Concord Street. But the already implemented "solution" puts bicycle riders at severe risk, as the newly installed calming measures force cars into the path of bicycles, creating a more dangerous situation than was previously present. I strongly urge that the city take biking needs into account for any of its proposed traffic changes. Ideally, bike riders should sign off on changes like those on Concord Street.

Here is the City's response on 10/31/16:

Thank you for your email to the city of Newton.  We are aware that cyclists do use Concord Street and felt that reducing speeding on the street would provide the maximum safety benefit for all users on the street.  Through the islands, it is anticipated that the bicycles and cars go single file through the roadway. We will certainly keep your concerns in mind with future projects as well.

It sounds like the City's attitude is to force cars and bikes together  and see what happens.

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