Brake and Derailleur Systems Workshop

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Join us and Speed and Sprocket for a clinic on the two cable systems of your bicycle: your brakes and your shifters/derailleurs! These two systems are essential for a properly functioning bicycle, and we'll help you understand how they work.

During this workshop we'll discuss and cover the following:
-Basic principles of cable systems
-The differences between your brake and shifting systems
-Proper derailleur set-up
-Proper brake set-up
-Evaluation of systems for wear and replacement
-Adjusting both systems to achieve maximum possible performance
-Proper replacement of cables and housing

**Because this is a more technically focused class, enrollment is limited to 10 participants.**

Other important details:
-Your ticket includes cable and housing replacements, if necessary
-We will provide work stands and tools; you just need to bring your bike!
-Please make sure your bike is clean and ready to be worked on, as cleaning will NOT be covered during this class. Visit out Clinics page ( to find a class which teaches "Bike Cleaning and General Maintenance." If you'd like us to clean it for you, let us know beforehand and we can do so that morning for an additional $15 charge.

**Please note that this class is for traditional cable systems, NOT for electronic drivetrains or hydraulic brakes! If you ride with either, feel free to enroll, but know that they will not be covered**

Send any questions you have to us at [email protected]