Carry It With You Challenge 2022 Recap

Our “Carry It With You” Challenge has come to a close and we enjoyed seeing the wide variety of items bicyclists across the state were hauling by bicycle. Congratulations to the winner of a new bike basket from Nantucket Bike Basket Co, we hope you enjoy using it to haul stuff by bike in style. Here are a few of the great entries we received.

Salem hauled his entire race set up 100 to the Secret Squirrel mountain bike race where he then competed in the pro field. He said, "I thought I was done racing 16 years ago, but the idea of arriving, self-supported, by bike as a form of advocacy had me jump back in the ring. More about the project can be read at"

Do you shy away from grocery shopping by bike? Alex said, "Two shopping carts full of Market Basket groceries? No problem!"

Cynthia got creative with an intertube and rack to haul a "large but attractive garden ornament" her husband spotted in the trash. While Cynthia noted that riding the few blocks was a bit awkward, the pedestal made it safely to where it now adorns their backyard. "Proving yet again, that you never know what special treasures you may come upon while you're riding your bike!"

Ben had a pretty sweet haul. "Right after loading my home-built cargo trailer with 150lbs of cookies from Levain Bakery to be delivered to a shelter in Cambridge as a part of a volunteering program through Rescuing Leftover Cuisine MA."

Rajneesh used his bicycle to make sure educators were appreciated. He "took four 2-L lemonade bottles (two in backpack and 2 in the carry bag in the left hand) to MLK school, for teacher appreciation day."

Thank you to everyone who joined our "Carry It With You" Challenge! To everyone else, we hope their stories inspire you to see what you can carry by bike this week.

Our “Be a Bike Buddy” Challenge is running May 21st-31st. Bring a friend for a ride, send us a photo from your adventure, and you could win a MassBike outfit (socks, buff, and t-shirt) for you and your biking bud.

How to Join the Challenge:

  • Take a ride with your bike buddy (bonus points if it’s a new rider) & snap a ride selfie of the both of you
  • Share your story about your ride with us! Either post your photo and story on social media and tag @MassBike or email your photo and story to [email protected]

Bay State Bike Month celebrations are still rolling strong until the end of May (and a little beyond!). Stay tuned to our weekly Bike Month emails, MassBike’s social media (FacebookInstagramTwitter), & the Bay State Bike Month website for upcoming events and ways to celebrate bicycling!