Diverged Ride and Digression Ride, Overland Base Camp's annual trail fundraiser rides

From our good friends at Overland Base Camp, we have the following announcement on their Diverged and Digression Rides on April 22nd and 27th. Each ride will benefit MassBike as well as a local trail association! Thank you Overland Base Camp for your generous support.

Following release is from Overland Base Camp:

Overland Base Camp (OBC), the preeminent designer and host of fun, adventurous, memorable mixed-terrain bike rides, is again hosting its annual fundraising rides, Diverged Ride and Digression Ride. Each ride will benefit a local trail organization as well as MassBike. Diverged Ride, which starts in Lexington at Ride Studio Cafe on April 22nd, will benefit the Lexington Conservation Stewards and MassBike. Digression Ride, which starts at Ride Headquarters in Sherborn on April 27th, will benefit the Sherborn Forest & Trail Association and MassBike. Riders will also have the opportunity to purchase a ride specific t-shirt, funds from each t-shirt will be added to the total donation. These rides are relatively short in length but the money raised for the benefiting organization goes a long way to helping keep our trails and roads safe and bike accessible.

Diverged Ride will consist of three lengths, 16 miles, 38 miles and 46 miles. Digression Ride will offer two, 23 miles and 45 miles. Each ride will be made up of pavement, gravel, dirt, and rocks, of which half of the ride will be unpaved, and include singletrack. Riders will leave between 8:30 and 10:00 in their self selected category; Guided Group, Independent, or Team. Upon returning to Base Camp at the host venues, riders will be treated to snacks and drinks provided by OBC.

There are dozens of trail, path, and open space groups worth donating money to. OBC decided to limit its list to two for each ride so they can donate a meaningful amount to each. They chose these specific ones because Diverged Ride and Digression Ride rely on the trails and roads these groups steward. If you ride a bike in Massachusetts, you have benefited from the work that MassBike does. If you ride the tails and value the open space in Lexington and Sherborn and their environs, then you have benefited from the work that the Lexington Conservation Stewards and the Sherborn Forest & Trail Association have done. What better way to say thank you than to donate AND ride. Come out and enjoy a great ride for great causes. Consider it a donation to yourself.

Aside from credit processing fees, every single dollar of your registration goes directly to these groups that work hard to keep the local trails open. Overland Base Camp is taking zero dollars from your registration. OBC is covering all the costs of this project -- including food, RSC's and RHQ's time, ride leader support, and coordinating with the conservation stewards.

For more information please visit overlandbasecamp.cc