Massachusetts, We've Been Challenged to Drive Less, Bike More


We're joining the League of American Bicyclists in their mission to build a healthier, stronger, cleaner, and more economically stable nation one bike ride at a time through the "Drive Less, Bike More" campaign. Last year, the campaign far exceeded its goal of turning 1 million miles of would-be car trips into 1 million miles of bike trips, resulting in a grand total of 1,500,000 miles ridden by bike and over 167,337 lbs of CO2 spared for the planet. 

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Now, they want to take it one step greener in 2022 by aiming for 2 million miles of bike trips and Massachusetts is one of five states challenged to help rack up the miles. For every mile of a car trip turned into a bike trip we'll earn $.20/mile for up to $2,000! Will you help us make it happen? 

All we're asking is that you put down the car keys and put on a helmet whenever possible to take part in “Drive Less, Bike More”. Make your next trip to the coffee shop, convenience store, or corner market by bike and join tens of thousands of others in making 2 million bike trips for transportation by the end of 2022. 

In the United States, nearly 50 percent of trips taken by car are less than three miles long. That’s about a 20-minute bike ride! Help us show that more trips are “bike possible” this summer by logging your miles with the League and Love to Ride. Any type of bike trip for transportation: from commuting to work or school, running errands around town, getting coffee with a friend, and even picking up groceries counts towards the mile goal, and transportation trips are often shorter—and more fun—by bike.

Here’s How You Join: 

  • Sign up through Love to Ride. (Already signed up? Then make sure you’re logging your trips!) 
  • Complete a survey on your current transportation habits. 
  • Begin logging bike rides! 

It’s that easy! On the Love to Ride platform, you can earn badges for bike trips, connect with others, and see how you’re contributing to the 2 million mile goal. As you log rides, either manually or by connecting to an app like Strava, be sure to mark your transportation trips in Love to Ride to earn credit (and potentially win prizes!).

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