Why W’Ebike: Practical Ebike Experiences, Ride Farther, Have Fun and Be Healthy

Wednesday, August 05, 2020 at 12:00 PM

In the last few years, electric bikes have grown in popularity, and within the past few months b/c of the shutdown, e-bike sales have skyrocketed. Recent advances in technology have allowed batteries to become smaller, lighter, cheaper, and longer range, enhancing the usefulness, appeal, and affordability of these machines. E-bikes appeal to many types of people but particularly for those who use them as a tool to overcome limited physical fitness, for people running everyday errands who want to carry heavier loads, and for parents transporting children. In addition, several bike share systems have begun adding e-bikes to their fleet, including in the Connecticut River Valley with the ValleyBike system, enhancing the appeal of bike share for everyday riding.

Join us as we talk about e-bikes, including the policies and legislation being worked on by MassBike, different types of bikes and buying/maintenance tips from local bike shops, the benefits of regional e-bike share, and hear from some e-bikes owners about their experiences on a boosted two-wheels.

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