E-Bike Briefing & Demo at the State House Recap

Our virtual e-bike briefing provided an overview of e-bikes, the legislation, and where the bills currently stand. Special thanks to Rep Owens, Rep Blais, and Senator DiDomenico for joining the briefing to discuss why this legislation is so important for their constituents. The recording of the briefing is available on the MassBike Youtube Channel if you want to learn more about our legislative e-bike priorities.  

We gathered a variety of e-bikes and e-bike enthusiasts for our demo event. There were e-bikes of all kinds for participants to try, from folding bikes to step-throughs, to road bikes, and even cargo bikes to carry lobbyists!

Amongst the staffers and legislators who joined in the fun, co-sponsors Rep Steve Owens & Rep Dylan Fernandes joined, as well as Rep Jeffrey Roy, Chair of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy. 

Rep Steve Owens, Rep Jeffrey Roy, & Rep Dylan Fernandes

Photo by Boston Cyclists Union

Rep Jeffrey Roy tries an e-bike

Thank you to the shops and manufacturers who came to show the varieties of e-bikes during our demo event: Bicycle Belle, Landry's Bicycles, Delta, and Specialized Bicycles. And for the e-bike riders who came out to show off their personal bikes and talk about how e-bikes have improved their riding.

The goal of the event was to help move forward our e-bike bills, by giving legislators and the general public an opportunity to learn about this technology from behind the handlebars. If you haven't contacted your local legislators in support of the e-bike definition (H.4676/S.2809) & e-bike rebate (H.3262) bills now is the time! You can learn more about the bills on our legislation page: www.massbike.org/legislation

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