Bicycle Film Festival: Berkshires

Sunday, June 16, 2024 at 02:00 PM

Watch Trailer Here

Bicycle Film Festival is coming physically to The Berkshires on June 16 at The Stationery Factory. Hosted by Pittsfield Community Design Center and Berkshire NEMBA.


Bicycle Film Festival has been celebrating bicycles through art, film and music over the last 24 years. BFF spans the world in over 100 cities worldwide to an audience of over one million people. 


BFF Berkshires presents two short film programs: Adventure shorts and Select shorts. 


2PM: BFF Adventure shorts:

These short films appeal to a wide audience from film connoisseurs to avid cyclists and everyone in between. For lovers of gravel, mountain biking, bike-packing, and ultra-endurance cycling, this program will take you on a journey around the world: 


  • Kailey Kornhauser and fellow “fat cyclist” Marley Blonsky are on a mission to change the idea that people with larger bodies can't ride bikes
  • A family gives up everything to be together in their motorhome, traveling from bike park to bike park across Europe
  • The 1900 mile bicycle journey by Erick Cedeno (Bicycle Nomad) retracing the original route of the Buffalo Soldiers
  • A bike park shuts its doors to boys for one day: Girls Only
  • Olympian and queer cyclist, Lea Davison proves that you don’t have to choose between who you love and the sport you love
  • The first BMX crew in Nigeria
  • A short animation about how there’s no stopping where a bike can take you


6PM: BFF Select shorts:

Curated documentaries, narratives, animations, award-winning directors, and emerging talents – all share equal billing. These stories celebrate the change makers, the advocates, the legends, the community organizers, and the activists who are pushing the bike movement forward in their communities:


  • The waste cycle created by bike manufacturing and consumption
  • An autonomously-organized group of youth cyclists in Worcester are misidentified and policed as if they were a gang
  • The story of road cycling legend and overall wonderful soul, Connie Carpenter
  • A Diné mountain biker hosts the first ever Enduro race in the Navajo Nation
  • A charismatic Ghanaian immigrant in Amsterdam teaches refugee adult women how to ride bikes
  • A grueling 240 mile gravel road bicycle race traverses Minnesota's roads less traveled— all within 24 hours
  • One of the greatest downhill racers of all time, Greg Minnaar’s bad crash was frightening - but more frightening: the idea of being airlifted to the hospital by helicopter
  • The story of Reza Alizadeh, a blind bicycle mechanic in Mashhad, Iran
  • And more…


A portion of these tickets sales will support the Berkshire Bike Skills Park.

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