Free Training: How to use cargo bikes to improve your life and how to use them to win protected bike lanes

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 08:30 PM

Sponsored by New York Lawyers

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Cargo bikes are powerful tools that can help you take on almost any of your and your family’s local transportation needs. They are also powerful tools for politically organizing to win the changes you want in your community like protected bike lanes and more secure bike storage. However, going from being bikeless to a skilled cargo bike user can be as intimidating as getting politically involved to win a bike lane. But you can master those skills and this training will lay the groundwork for you to do so.

In this training you will learn:

-How to think about picking a cargo bike that fits your needs and lifestyle

-How to load up the bike and examples of ways to use it

-How to make the most of your cargo bike by integrating it to support more of your life

-Parenting by cargobike

-Cargo bike storage basics

-How to launch a local campaign to get a protected bike lane built

-How to get started building political power

-How to flex your political power to get local and state elected officials to take your transit demands seriously

-Special ways to use cargo bikes to strengthen your campaign!

----About the presenters----

Maddy Novich is a New York City-based mom of 3 who thrives on thinking outside the box and living by cargo bike. She is a regular cargo bike user and helps educate people on how to make the most out of every day by cargobike and beyond. You can follow her on instagram at and sign up for her newsletter about cargobiking, parentlife, financial hacks, and lifestyle strategies at


Carter Lavin is a climate activist in Oakland, California who trains organizations and individuals to more effectively build political power, hone strategy, and win campaigns on the local, regional, and state level. Learn more at

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