Illuminations Bike Tour

Saturday, December 16, 2023 at 05:45 PM

Let's celebrate the artistry and creativity of residents and businesses that transform their spaces and yards with lights, ornaments, and shrines of devotion and fantasy. So plug your lights in and don your bike helmet for Somerville’s interactive Illuminations extravaganza!

This year Illuminations includes both self-guided tours and a bike tour led by the Somerville Bike Advisory Committee. (Please note: We’re not doing trolley tours for several reasons, namely the price of trolley rental has become very expensive -- forcing us to charge a lot for tickets. We feel the way to make this event as inclusive as possible is to have it be free.)

Whether you’re a home decorator, or tour goer, here’s how to take part:
To put your address on the map: Just add your address to the interactive map. Once it is approved you'll be able to see your home or business on the map! 

To participate as a tour goer:  the map will be available on our website for you to start to plan your routes, however, keep in mind, we’ll continue to add addresses until December 8th, so you might want to hold your excitement until then!



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