Everyday Riding Tips w/ Seaport TMA

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 12:00 PM


Everyday Biking Tips

Curious about getting out on two-wheels, but hesitant about how to get going? You’re not alone! This everyday biking seminar is geared toward sharing the knowledge and empowerment to take your riding into your own hands, and getting out on the roads, bike lanes, and pathways to get yourself to exercise, run errands, and have fun. Biking is fast, free, and fun (and you’ll get fit), and the experts at MassBike have honed their tips to get you over those barriers. Come with your questions and your stories, and learn along with fellow bikers on campus. You may even gain a bike-buddy to try the commute!

Please join us for a lunchtime virtual workshop to host a presentation and Q&A about riding. Our knowledgeable instructors from MassBike will go through the basics in an hour-long presentation, and we'll host folks at Bluebikes to help answer questions about Boston's regional bike sharing system. Feel free to add any questions / concerns you may have in the comment field below.

This event is hosted by MassBike and the Seaport TMA, but is for everyone! Please invite anyone you're quarantined with. We are inviting business and employees from the Seaport to join in from their Work From Home locations

Please RSVP below and we'll have more details closer to the date!

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