What is Bay State Bike Month?

Every year, Massachusetts residents and bike commuters come together to celebrate human-powered, two-wheeled transportation during Bay State Bike Month. This May, we will be celebrating bicycling from Cape Cod to the Berkshires and everywhere around and in between. We're here to encourage riders throughout the commonwealth to organize bike-centric events to encourage new riders and raise awareness about bicycle transportation.

During this designated month, communities, organizations, and individual organizers are invited to host or join one of the hundreds of events statewide.

Who hosts Bay State Bike Month?

Bay State Bike Month is hosted by MassBike and our coalition partners. 

How do I plan, organize, and host an event?

Check out our Resources page and the League of American Bicyclists National Bike Month Guide for tips to get your event rolling.

The process looks a little different than it has in the past? How do I host or submit an event?

If your event meets the guidelines to be a Bay State Bike Month event (as long as it has a focus on bicycles!) you can register your event on our official calendar. Submit the form on the website with as much information as you can so that people know where to go when they attend.

Having issues submitting an event? Contact MassBike at [email protected]

Will there still be free Bay State Bike Month gear for my event?

MassBike is currently working on ordering a limited amount of SWAG (stuff we all get) for your Bay State Bike Month events. Stay tuned for updates and contact us at bikeinfo@massbike.org for more information.