Easthampton Farmers' Market

Sunday, May 26, 2024 at 10:00 AM


The Easthampton Farmers’ Market was created as a way to sell fresh vegetables and fruits to the community, but it also brings farmers and makers from all over the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts to Easthampton!

Our mission statement: The Easthampton Farmers Market promotes regional agriculture to ensure a continuing supply of fresh, local produce in Easthampton. Our main purpose is to support farmers and preserve farmland for future generations by providing regional, small family farmers with opportunities to sell their fruits, vegetables, and other farm products. Another goal is to provide a weekly, seasonal community gathering space that centers around agriculture, fresh food, and sustainability. This market also seeks to assist those who may be experiencing food insecurity, by working with local organizations and by seeking out produce vendors who accept SNAP and HIP.  

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