How to wrap a bicycle!

Last night, I had a realization how wrapping a bicycle as a present is a perfect analogy for running a non-profit organization. To wrap the bike, I need to piece together all sorts of sizes and shapes of paper. It’s an awkward, unwieldy geometry that doesn’t fit standard packaging. And, unfortunately (as some of you are familiar with struggling in the garage this late in December...), the process is tedious and takes a lot longer than any reasonable person would want.

A 20" wheel bike, expertly "concealed"

However, 'tis the season for gifts and giving, and for me the joy of wrapping the bike is in the process. Struggling late at night taping pieces of colorful paper over bicycle pedals reinforces why we give to those we love.

I think of the joy to come when this present is unwrapped, when a little girl knows she’s moving up in the world, with a bigger bike, one with gears and hand brakes, that will bring her excitement, freedom, and health.

My niece 'Leona' learning to ride for the first time in 2017

And I’m remind of the gifts you all bring to MassBike, with your advocacy, your support, and your donations. Going back to the wrapping metaphor, in the midst of this late night tape job in a cold garage, I see our collective advocacy as the bits and pieces of paper that make a movement, and your support as the tape that holds this whole thing together.

So thank you for your gifts, and I wish you all a lovely holiday season with many happy rides in the new year!

With gratitude, 

Galen Mook, Executive Director

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