Join MassBike's Board

MassBike is looking for board members in Massachusetts to join our work making cycling more accessible and safer for everyone in the Commonwealth. Spandex is not required for this role, but rather an interest in making Massachusetts better for all bicyclists. We are seeking folks with a community-centered approach who care deeply about transportation, environmental justice, community organizing, fundraising, or non-profit governance to join MassBike's team in pursuit of equitable access to bicycling throughout the Commonwealth.

Duties of Board Members

Core Duties of the Board of Directors, as prescribed by the MassBike bylaws:

  1. Devotion of time, expertise, and/or money towards advancing MassBike's purpose.
  2. Selection of the President by majority vote.
  3. Establishment of MassBike policies.
  4. Evaluation and approval of MassBike budgets and general plans.
  5. Submission of an Annual Report and all other documents as required by law.
  6. General oversight of financial matters, including but not limited to the filing of tax returns and other required financial documents, and the appointment of an Auditor, if required by law or governance best practices, who shall provide the required audits of the financial records of MassBike and render a report of findings to the Board.
  7. Oversight of duly established MassBike Chapters, including ensuring that they follow the policies of the Board of Directors and work towards advancing MassBike’s purpose.
  8. Amendment of the Bylaws, policies or practices of the organization when appropriate. 

Additional Duties as a member of the Board of Directors

  1. Keep current as a donor of MassBike.
  2. Make a personally meaningful contribution to the finances of MassBike through fundraising, membership recruitment, personal contributions, and/or in-kind services.
  3. Attend regularly scheduled meeting of the Board (6x a year)
  4. Attend regularly scheduled subcommittee meetings (6x a year)
  5. Take an active role in assisting MassBike in fulfilling its purpose, based on the organization's needs and their skills, interests, and backgrounds. 
  6. Takes an active role locally to help advocate for cycling improvements.
  7. Significant involvement in major Board-driven events, through planning and/or attendance
  8. Active participation in Board communication that takes places primarily through MassBike’s Slack platform


  • Passion for getting everyone on a bike!
  • Work or volunteer experience at similar organizations
  • Availability to attend Tuesday evening board meetings 6 x a year
  • History of engagement with MassBike 
    • On mailing list
    • Donor
  • Familiarity with Slack/slack like platforms or willingness to learn to use it for communications 
  • Interest in and love of making bicycling more accessible
  • Commitment to MassBike’s work becoming an even more equitable and inclusive organization

How to Apply

Send your contact information (name, email, & phone number), résumé, and a paragraph detailing your interest & experiences that qualify you to be a part of MassBike's Board to [email protected]

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