Somerville Bike Pageant

Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 01:00 PM

Somerville Bike Kitchen's Somerville Bike Pageant is a celebration of unique, fun, creative, colorful and/or otherwise one-of-a-kind bikes. We will have a handful of prize categories, ranging from self-explanatory to entirely unserious.

This is an excuse to come out, meet people and look at other people’s great, beloved, funny, wacky, rusty, stylish, mostly safe bikes. Have a bike you’re proud of? Enter it in the pageant. It’s free to attend and participate! You can pre-register your bike in advance at the link here

Prizes to be awarded in the following categories:

  • Small Wheels Club (At least one wheel must be smaller than 26″)
  • Single (1) Speed
  • 3-speed / Internal Gear Hub / Anti-derailleur society
  • Parts Bin
  • Vintage
  • Tandem
  • Prettiest Paint
  • Commuter 
  • Road/touring
  • Cargo/Utility
  • Delightfully Weird

Tentative Schedule:
1pm - 2pm : Day of registration for bikes
2pm- 3pm - Voting
3 - 3:30pm - Vote counting AND awards announced
3:30pm -4:00pm - Ceremonial Procession of Winners
4-4:30pm - Pictures of winners!
4:30-5 pm Cleanup/Hanging Out

If the weather does not cooperate, the Bike Pageant will still be held the same day, but inside at The Dojo at Somernova (15 Properzi Way).

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