Lights Brigade: How to Brighten Up Cyclists In Your Community

Monday, October 16, 2023 at 12:00 PM

MassBike is on a mission to shine bright lights across the Commonwealth! Our Lights Brigade program is working to brighten up cyclists across Massachusetts by distributing sets of front and rear bike lights. Our volunteers flag down bicyclists without lights, who we affectionately call "ninja bikers", and hand out sets of bike lights to keep the riders safer and legal while biking at night.

In the past year, Lights Brigade Hosts and Volunteers distributed over 3,000 lights in more than 30 municipalities across the Commonwealth. This year, Massachusetts updated the law to require cyclists to have both front and rear lights when riding at night. So, this program is more important than ever and we need your help!

This webinar will cover what Lights Brigade is, how you can sign up to volunteer, and how to host your own event. Come with all your Lights Brigade questions or lessons learned from previous events you've hosted! Everyone who RSVPs will get access to the slide deck and a link to the recording after the event.


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