Massachusetts E-Bike Rebate Update - May 2023

In 2022, the legislature included $1M in the transportation bond bill to establish e-bike rebates in Massachusetts and directed the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to conduct an evaluation of how to implement the program. 

The bill unlocked funding for DOER to provide rebates for electric bicycles similar to their electric vehicle rebate program and evaluate whether the rebate can take place at point-of-sale through retailers. E-bike purchasers would receive a rebate of up to $500 for electric bicycles (and up to $750 for low- and moderate-income consumers), not more than 40% of the retail price of the purchase.

The bond bill provided the go-ahead for the Governor to provide funding to establish the program, but additional money will be needed to actually fund the program in order to have a statewide impact, similar to the $10M going toward programs in Colorado, California, Hawaii, and elsewhere.

While the passed legislation allowed the Commonwealth to spend $1M for the DOER to conduct their evaluation & begin the rebates, no money for e-bike rebates was programmed into this year’s budget – to either create or fund a program. We’re currently hearing from the Healey Administration, that they’re looking to implement e-bike rebates in 2024. But the first step is for DOER to conduct their evaluation of e-bike rebates and decide how the program will be rolled out. This is where we need your help to send a message to DOER in support point–of–sale e-bike rebates.

The Department of Energy Resources has been hearing from constituents and is compiling all of the comments and outreach they receive around e-bike rebates. The best thing you can do to support Massachusetts E-Bike rebates is to send an email explaining your interest in electric bicycle rebates to DOER’s general email address [email protected]. Please CC [email protected] so that we can keep track of support.

We understand that there are people across Massachusetts currently waiting on these rebates to make their e-bike purchases. MassBike will continue to push for these rebates to be rolled out as soon as possible and we appreciate your continued support as we await the formal rollout of this much-needed program.

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