May Bike Challenge: Bike to Work, Bike to School, Bike Before Your First Meeting

Using Strava with Love to Ride

If you use Strava, connect your Strava account in your Love to Ride profile to automatically log your ride. In your profile, you can find the info connect your Strava by clicking "Click here to log rides automatically!"

Then click on the Strava icon to be guided through connecting your account to Love to Ride.

Once connected, just double-check after your first few rides to make sure they’re uploading properly. Make sure that your commuting trips are logged as commutes on Love to Ride, if they are logged as commutes on Strava that will transfer over to Love to Ride. We'd also love for you to join our MassBike Strava Club, but all rides must be logged on Love to Ride to be eligible to win May Bike Challenge prizes

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