Kids & Bikes: Wheeling Towards Independence webinar

Wednesday, May 29, 0024 at 07:00 PM

Would you like your kids to have more freedom in getting around? Are you tired of driving them places? Or, do you simply want your kids to gain the confidence and physical and mental health benefits that come with biking or enjoy group rides as a family? Regardless of your reasons or the age and biking skill level of your kids, this online workshop and panel discussion is for you!
Our panelists will share tips for helping the youngest and newest bikers to those ready to navigate on their own! Some topics will include:

- Getting started:
   - Biking with kids before they can bike on their own
   - Tips for teaching kids to bike
   - Tips for biking WITH your kids
   - Biking safely with and without bike infrastructure

- The basics: fitting a helmet, fitting a bike, teaching kids rules of the road
- What is the Safe Routes to School program 
- Bike trains and how to start (or join) one!
- Encouraging youth to navigate and explore on their own

Questions encouraged!

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