Paceline Clinic

Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 10:00 AM

The Northeast Bicycle Club is happy to provide instruction on paceline riding for CRW members.  Those who have always wanted to ride a paceline will be shown how to do this safely and effectively within small groups of about 5 each.  Speed is NOT the objective for this instruction session, rather we want to get people feeling comfortable riding more closely together, get everyone to ride safely and predictably, and how to exchange the lead rider for each paceline.

It is assumed that participants have little or no previous experience riding in a paceline. We will break into small groups and assign an NEBC instructor for each group. In the parking lot, we will start with a lecture on the responsibility of the lead rider, expectations for rider predictably, the importance of group communication, and how the group should behave on trafficked roads. We will demonstrate how (and when) the lead rider exchange is to be performed. Then each group will ride to a mile-long stretch of road nearby to practice this technique, including the exchange of lead riders. The instructor will accompany the group, providing tips, critiques, etc. At each end of the road we'll stop to turn around and discuss how to improve the group's performance.

Note that the road session will not be fast, so you may not feel the full advantage of pacelining. But with practice, as you and your fellow riders gain more experience and speed, you'll have your "Aha!" moment.

Note, this is a CRW members only event. You can join here.

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