MassBike needs your help!

Please contact your local State Representative and State Senator and encourage them to support this simple change to the Community Preservation Act to clarify that funding can be used for rail trails. Visit Find My Legislator to identify your Massachusetts Representative and to find their contact info and call or email them today using the script below. If you’re sending the script as an email, please use the subject “Please support funding for rail trails” and cc [email protected] on your email!


To: [Your local legislator]

CC: [email protected]

Email subject: Please support H.286 and S.148

Sample script:

Dear [Your local legislator]

I am writing to ask you to join me in supporting H.286 and S.148 An Act authorizing municipalities to expend certain funds for the acquisition of land to be used for rail trails, which would allow municipalities to expend monies from their Community Preservation Act funds for the purpose of acquiring land held for railroad purposes to be used by the city or town for recreational purposes as a rail trail.

This bill clarifies the ability for cities and towns to use local funds designed to support open space and recreational opportunities to be used for rail-trails. This bill will affect communities across Massachusetts, and help spur the development of rail trails.

[Add a few sentences of why rail trails matters to you.]

Can I count on your support to help this important bill become part of the CPA law?

Thank you for considering the role this simple clarifying language will play for the development of rail trails in our state.

[full name
street address
city/town, state, zip
email: ]