Third Annual Kittie Knox Ride Recap

Kittie Knox Riders

We had a great time at the third annual Kittie Knox Ride! We hoped that the rain would wait until the ride was through, unfortunately that was not the case. However, a dedicated group of 50 riders joined to learn about Kittie Knox and the Riverside Cycling Club.

Riders enjoy the Kittie Knox Cycle Center

During the route, riders stopped at historical points of interest related to Kittie Knox and the Riverside Cycling Club. These points included the Kittie Knox Cycling Center at Cambridge Crossing, the corner of Broad Canal Way, in East Cambridge, where Kittie lived for a time, and Nipper Maher Park in Waltham, the former location of the Waltham Bicycle Park.

Plays in Place actors with Kittie's second cousin, Nan Millet

The Plays in Place team joined us at Mount Auburn Cemetery to perform a selection from the upcoming Kittie Knox Plays. Actors Hampton Richards, Victoria Lee, and Rebekah Brunson read the scene by Kirsten Greenidge near Kittie's grave (special thanks to director Michelle Aguillon and producer Katherine Shaver). The Plays in Place team even met Kittie’s second cousin, Nan Millet, who treated participants to a photo album of historical portraits of Kittie and her family. 

A big thank you to all our volunteers and ride leaders for making the event a success! We are grateful to work with the New England Cycling Coalition for Diversity and Plays in Plays to share Kittie’s story through this engaging group ride each year. 

Support the Kittie Knox Plays

We need your help to bring Kittie’s story to life. The Plays in Place team has been working diligently to create a unique on-bike play experience to share Kittie’s story and your support is needed to make these plays a reality. Donate in support of the Kittie Knox Plays.

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