Webinar: Bike Commuting Decoded (by Massbike and MassCommute)

Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Recent studies show that 60% of Americans are interested in bike commuting but have too many concerns to get started. Whether those concerns are safety, uncertainty about road rules, or simply what to wear, we know that a little education can go a long way. Join us for a free webinar exploring the nuts & bolts of bike commuting and of biking as a practical, healthy, and convenient transportation choice. 

Just in time for the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge (5/14-22!) and Bay State Bike Week, this webinar is an opportunity to learn from the experts about how you can make biking a part of your daily commute, during Bike Week and all year round.

Join us for a virtual lunch break and help us spread the word on social media at
#BikingDecoded @MCBikeChallenge @MassBike

See more details and the link to join here:  https://bikingdecoded.eventbrite.com