We want 3 feet!

A huge part of what we do is advocate for bicycle friendly laws to be passed in our state. We work closely with other advocacy groups and lawmakers to bring bike friendly bills to the table each year. Despite multiple attempts, we still do not have a 3 foot law on the books. 

As we head into 2018, we are making it our mission to get a 3 foot passing law to the Governor's desk. As a part of an omnibus traffic safety bill, we're working towards seeing this and other bike friendly measures passed in the current legislative session. Currently the bill package plays a waiting game in the Transportation Committee. As things progress, we'll keep you posted! But know that we are fighting for this one as hard as we can. 

But to do that we need your help!

  • Share your story - We all have a story about being passed too closely. Tell us what happened and why 3 feet matters to you. Use #giveme3feet and tell us your story for #GivingTuesday
  • Donate - To keep our staff on the case and working to pass this bill, we need your support. For every dollar we raise through Facebook on Giving Tuesday, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match your gift. Double your impact and donate through Facebook.

  • Facebook not your jam? Visit our website and support our work with a donation. We appreciate your support, however you decide to give or be involved!

  • Help us spread the word via social media. Share a link, ask your friends to give. #GivingTuesday #giveme3feet