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We here at MassBike know that all kinds of people ride bikes. Unfortunately, many motorists only get to see bicyclists from behind. Sometimes they forget that bicyclists aren't just two wheels and a metal frame, but that those of us on bikes are neighbors, doctors, janitors, teachers, grocers, moms, grandmas, sons, senior citizens, students, and just about everyone else.

The people they pass on the side of the street are not just bicyclists, they are your doctor, or your mother, or your friend. That's why MassBike needs your help! We're collecting bicyclists' stories to put a face on bicycling. We're calling it our "...And I ride" series. We'll be posting profiles of bicyclists on our website throughout the year to highlight the diversity of bike riders. Help us spread the word that everyone has a bicyclist in their life!

You may ride a few times a year or every day; maybe you ride your bike to get to work or you ride just for fun; maybe you only ride in charity rides or you're a racer”if you ride a bike, we want your story! We're looking for "I'm a lawyer... and I ride."; "I'm a housewife... and I ride."; "I'm a grandfather... and I ride."; "I'm a nurse... and I ride." Tell us about your relationship to the people in your life so that we can let them know that everyday folks are out there riding bikes.

We are collecting these stories as part of our legislation campaign. We will be telling your stories to the public, to politicians, and to the rest of the cycling community. We'll be doing "...And I Ride" posts throughout the year. Keep your eyes open for fellow bicyclists and in the meantime, send us your story and help put a face on bicycling!

We need to hear your story. Tell us about yourself and how your bike is a part of your life. Just copy and paste the form below into an email, fill it in, and send it to [email protected]

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  • Where You Ride:

  • How Often You Ride:

  • Your Profession/Relation/Title (lawyer, nurse, Grandma, son, etc):

  • A picture of you on your bicycle, or you in your daily life( be sure we can see your face):

  • A paragraph or two about your life and your bicycle:

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