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    Lights Brigade 2018

    $3,819.23 raised
    GOAL: $5,000.00

    MassBike is on a mission to shine bright lights across the Commonwealth. As we approach darker months of the year and the fall time-change, rider safety can become more challenging. Throughout the entire month of October and onward, MassBike will raise funds to purchase lights from Planet Bike, to distribute and install on bikes.

    Now that October is behind us, we still encourage you to participate in the Lights Brigade! The fundraising and distribution of lights will be on going throughout the year so if you haven't donated yet, please give today!

    A huge thank you to all who have contributed to the 2018 Lights Brigade, especially our business partners Digital Lumens, Cycle Massachusetts, Breakstone White & Gluck, and the Charles River Wheelers.

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    Want to help distribute lights in your community? Please contact us!

    Why a Lights Brigade?


    As we approach darker months of the year and the fall time-change, rider safety can become more challenging so we want to light up the night and make sure riders are easily seen on the roadways. Simply being seen is one of the most important ways to make a bike rider safer. But too often we find people caught on their bikes with inadequate lighting. This can be a simple lack of awareness or they cannot afford lights. In either case, MassBike wants to help make sure riders are seen on the roadways and get to where they need to go safely.



    The lights being distributed will be a front and a rear light from Planet Bike. With replaceable batteries, these lights can be reused at a low cost to the rider.

    A donation of just $10 will provide a set of lights to a rider in need!

    Can you help us raise awareness of the importance of lights on bikes? Donate today!


  • North Shore Cyclists Affiliate Club Membership

    NSC_Logo.jpgAs a part of our Affiliate Club Membership program, you, as a member of North Shore Cyclists, can join MassBike for just $10! 



    Supporting MassBike with a year long membership will ensure that our statewide work will continue. The impact we have in communities across the state grows each year and with your help Massachusetts can be the number one state for bicycling.


    MassBike will keep you informed through emails, social media, and events as to what is going on in your community.


    When you join MassBike, you are alongside a diverse network of over 3000 members who seek to improve our roads and paths. Through events and volunteer opportunities, you'll be connected with this exciting group.


    • Discounted entry into certain MassBike events
    • Zipcar membership Discount

    • 10% Auto insurance discount with Environmental Insurance Agency

    • Discounted rates on MassBike educational classes

    • Coupons, discounts, and sponsor samples (subject to availability)

    • Volunteer Opportunities

    • Emails on breaking advocacy news and events

    • Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law

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    Business Supporters

    MassBike believes in businesses that create opportunities for sustainable transit and recreation for their employees and the community. Those companies who have demonstrated commitment to equitable transportation solutions are highlighted here as part of our Business Membership program. In addition to the support of our individual members, MassBike relies on the generous contributions from our partner organizations. Interested in becoming a business member? Email Deputy Director Tom Francis at for more information.


    Executive & Presenting


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    3cross Brewery

    DuVine Cycling Adventures

    Ciclismo Classico


    Show the Commonwealth that your business supports its employees pedaling to work. As thanks for your generosity, MassBike offers classes, programs, assessments, and more to help your office grow and improve.

    Want some ideas of how you can do more for your employees and your business? Check out this short video on four Boston-area businesses and how they help to create healthier workers, more competitive companies, new business opportunities, and a sense of community.


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