MassBike's New Volunteer Membership Program!

At MassBike, we love our volunteers.

We know that volunteers make up a huge part of our success, so we want to make volunteering with us even better. Starting now, anyone who volunteers ten hours of their time will automatically earn a MassBike membership!

We know that without the amazing support of our volunteers we would not be able to accomplish as much as we do. Our volunteers are our voice on the street, the energy behind our campaigns, and our strength in numbers. Because our volunteers do so much for us, we feel that they deserve to get something in return.

You may think that ten hours is too difficult to schedule into your calendar, but think about how fast those hours can fly by on a busy Saturday afternoon or when you are chatting to other bicyclists. If you work two and a half hours over four days then you already have enough hours for the membership. We've already given out five volunteer-memberships to some of our regulars at volunteer night.

And now with the bicycling season upon us, it's easy to get in those ten hours. Here are some volunteer events that are coming up soon:

On street petitioning:

Tuesday, April 6 - Massachusetts Ave. & Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA, 5-6:30pm
Monday, April 12 - SW Corridor Park, near the Brewery, Jamaica Plain, MA, 5-6:30pm
Tuesday, April 20 - Massachusetts Ave. & Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA, 5-6:30pm
Monday, April 26 - Downtown Boston Location - TBD, 5:00pm “ 6:30pm
Monday, May 3 - Broadway & Galileo Galilei Way, Cambridge, MA, 5:00pm “ 6:30pm

Volunteer night - Tuesday, April 13 - 171 Milk Street Boston MA 02109, 5-8pm

Transportation Fair - Wednesday, April 14 - Seyfarth Shaw, LLP, World Trade Center East building, 2 Seaport Boulevard, 3rd floor, 12-1:30pm

MIT Earth Day - Thursday, April 22 - Stata Centre MIT Cambridge, 11:15am “ 1:30pm

For more information about our upcoming events visit our volunteer calendar  Or email [email protected].

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