MassBike Seeks Summer Interns

[caption id="attachment_18773" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Interning is one of the oldest forms of education - a medieval baker with his intern."][/caption]

With the changing of the seasons comes the sad departures of our current interns and a new effort to fill the void left behind. What would MassBike be without its interns? The symbiotic relationship we have formed with the strong work ethic and unbridled enthusiasm of our college aged apprentices has led to some great things. This past semester, we have made huge strides forward on two projects, the Bike/Walk Summit and an update of our Bicycle Statistics page.

The two positions of critical importance just so happen to also be two fantastic opportunities for learning. We are looking for an Events Marketing Intern to assist with our outreach efforts, and an Education and Advocacy Intern to help with our bike safety and advocacy trainings. If you are interested in either position, email [email protected] to apply or get more information.

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