Be Bright: This Fall Stay Visible And In Style

One of the best ways to stay safe while riding is to be visible on the road. That’s why we recommend all cyclists use lights and wear reflective or fluorescent colored clothing. The trouble is that these bright, highly-visible clothes though functional aren’t always considered the most fashionable items. Well we have some good news as it appears that the ever-changing, cyclical trends of fashion have caught up with the never-changing trends of cycling and this year bright colors are in. The brighter the better! In fact, many top designers are now offering every type of garment imaginable in unbelievably bright colors. There is so much neon clothing on the market it is reasonable to believe you could put together an entire head to toe outfit in a single neon color!

The incoming trend of fashionable neon color is especially good news for commuting cyclists as we head into the colder, darker months when it is more likely that you will be riding either to or from work in the dark. So next time someone makes a remark about your safety vest or other neon riding clothes be sure to let them know that you are just trying to follow the fashion trends!

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