MassBike Partners with the City of Cambridge to Discuss "City Bicycling" with Immigrant Populations

Last week, MassBike instructor extraordinaire Laura Smeaton led a workshop on "Biking in the City" for under-served immigrant populations in the City of Cambridge. Over 40 adults and 25 children learned more about riding comfortably in their own neighborhoods by asking questions and discussing topics such as overcoming common barriers to bicycling.

The great turnout was a result of tireless publicity by the City's Community Engagement Team. The workshop's formation was due in large part from MassBike's partnership with the Cambridge Public Health Department, Food and Fitness Council, and Community Development Department (CDD).

All agencies devoted significant time, expertise, and energy to fulfilling their goal to connect under-served Cambridge families to fitness opportunities, including bicycling. CDD provided bike maps, helmets, and water bottles to all those in attendance, while MassBike handed out the "Parents Guide to Bike Safety" in over 5 languages, though all 9 are found on our website.

Laura spoke in great detail about the many different types of bikes one can ride, the benefits of bicycling, basic equipment and parts of a bike, locking strategies, the MBTA's bicycle policies, rules of the road, and tips for handling busy city streets. Many questions were asked. One highlight was when a participant listed off all of the reasons why she enjoys bicycling: it's fun, a chance to be outside, and healthy!

Stay tuned for more updates from MassBike's bustling education program. We're excited to be partnering with diverse agencies from the City of Cambridge in order to deliver bicycling skills training courses and workshops to introduce people to the joys of city bicycling.

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