MassBike In Boston Magazine

Executive Director David Watson was quoted in the recent issue of Boston Magazine!

Just one problem with Menino's mission: There aren't enough places to park our bikes”not nearly enough. According to David Watson, executive director of the nonprofit MassBike, that shortage is one of the biggest factors deterring people from riding more. Bicycles are not inexpensive, and with theft an ever-present concern, people know they can't dock their ride just anywhere. (Boston magazine world headquarters is located on the relatively genteel Christian Science Plaza, and if the beneficent pooh-bahs here didn't let me roll my bike inside the office for safekeeping, I'm not so sure I'd pedal in every day.)
"People don't want to lock their bikes to trees and fences and parking meters. They don't feel good about it," Watson says. "You could build bike lanes everywhere, but if you don't have sufficient bike parking where people want it, then they're still not going to ride."

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