I Am A Program Director, And I Ride

Here's a great story from our And I Ride campaign! We are seeking to put a face on cycling in support of a legislative campaign that we are working on this year. You can read the rest of these great bicyclist bios here.

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Our next story comes from Phil.

Where I Ride: Boston & it's environs
How Often I Ride: all year round

My Story:

I’m Phil Lindsay and I bike to work! I have lived and ridden in Boston for 29 years. I ride year round from Dorchester to my job as the Oil Program Director for Mass Energy in Jamaica Plain. I moved to Dorchester in 1984 and immediately got involved in community advocacy. I’ve been part of crime watches, civic groups, recycling drop offs, Main Street programs, School Site Councils as well as my local church and historical society. I’ve had a front row seat to witness a generation of positive change in the city of Boston.

Two years ago I became an outspoken member of Dot Bike, Boston’s first grassroots neighborhood bike advocacy organization. Through my involvement, I’ve come to believe riders in Dorchester are under estimated and under served. My ‘I bike to work’ persona is intended to draw attention to the fact that most riders in Dorchester do so because it is the cheapest and most reliable form of transportation available, not because they think they look good in spandex. You can see for yourself by checking the DOT Bikes Flickr account. I’ve worked to post hundreds of photos of regular folks riding in Dorchester. Perhaps my sign should instead read, “DOT bike(s) to work!”

Thanks Phil!

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