I Am A College Student, And I Ride

Here's another great story from our And I Ride campaign! We are seeking to put a face on cycling in support of a legislative campaign that we are working on this year. You can read the rest of these great bicyclist bios here.

We are still accepting entries, so be sure to read below to find out how to send in your story.

Our next story comes from Erich.

Where I Ride: The backroads of Williamstown, Massachusetts,
winding me in and out of New York and Vermont and up and down way too many hills to count.
How Often I Ride: Around 3 times a week

My Story:
What first started as cross-training for my alpine ski racing career in high-school quickly enveloped me. I love to bike. I keep two bikes on campus with me and do everything from long-distance touring to mountain biking and road races. Someday I plan on crossing the country with only a bike and 4 panniers. I have ridden in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge for two years and am ready to go on my third, two-day trek across Massachusetts this August.

Thanks Erich!

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