Building For Bicycling

Earlier this year, MassBike announced our new bicycle infrastructure policy. Since then, we've been working on key projects throughout Massachusetts to ensure that bicyclists are safe on the roads and that state and local governments think of bicyclists in design and implementation.

With bicycling infrastructure becoming a hot item for politicians and designers, now is a critical time to make sure that projects are planned and built well. We hope that by setting good standards now, well-designed bicycling infrastructure will become second-nature for designers in the future.

MassBike has been involved in key projects throughout the state. We've posted about our role on the Longfellow Bridge, our support of local advocates trying to extend the Community Path in Somerville, our work for bike lanes on Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington, and our help on the Whittier Bridge. These projects not only impact the particular communities where they are located, but the regions they serve and Massachusetts as a whole. They set important precedents about how we as a state want to handle bicycle infrastructure and connect communities. MassBike's participation in these projects informs state and local governments of community support for bicycling and pushes them to be innovative in project design.

We are collecting all the information on key infrastructure projects that we are working on into one place — our Building For Bicycling campaign. While we can't get involved in all projects across the state, we are involved in projects that we think will have significant regional or statewide impact. We'll update you on our progress, tell you about new initiatives we are getting involved with, and let you know how you can help.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Building For Bicycling projects and stay involved in your own community!

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