MassBike Grows In 2010!

At MassBike, our members mean a lot to us—they give us our political clout, fund our advocacy, and are some of the best bicyclists on our streets and paths. That's why we are excited to announce that the MassBike community grew by over 20% in 2010!

We made growing our organization a priority last year and the results have paid off. With more members, we'll be able to do more for bicycling across our state in 2011.

Member support allowed us to succeed in 2010. MassBike, along with LivableStreets Alliance and the Boston Cyclists Union, worked with the T to revamp their bus driver training to better ensure the safety of bicyclists. With our Building for Bicycling campaign, we have been working to make sure that bicycling infrastructure is a priority and bicycle-friendly decisions are made on precedent-setting projects. MassBike also helped to organize the first truly state-wide Bay State Bike Week, which encouraged both new and veteran bicyclists across Massachusetts. We officially launched both our Same Road, Same Rules campaign and our And I Ride campaign. And recently, we have renewed our efforts to educate police as to bicyclists' rights and bicycling safety. We did a lot more in 2010, so check out our history page to get the full story.

We plan to keep that momentum in 2011. As our organization grows, we'll be able to better represent bicyclists across our state. We're looking forward to continued growth and increased efforts to make Massachusetts the best state in the nation for bicycling.

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