4 Foot Passing Signs to be Installed Across Massachusetts

As part of An Act to Reduce Traffic Fatalities, MassDOT was required to ensure that signage is posted across the Commonwealth to spread the word about the new mandatory 4-foot passing law. Earlier this year, municipalities got the opportunity to request signs for their local roadways and MassDOT is providing over 4,300 signs to municipalities across Massachusetts.

We have received word that the 4 foot passing signs have been delivered to MassDOT District Offices & are currently being distributed. It is now up to the individual municipalities to determine the sign locations and install them on their roadways. 

We are encouraged to hear that several municipalities are working with their local bicycle and pedestrian organizations to determine sign placement. But we also realize that Departments of Public Works have many projects going at any given time and these signs may not be seen as a priority. We need your help to make sure these installations are prioritized.

These signs are crucial to help spread the word about this new law to both local drivers and the many out-of-state drivers who travel through our state who may not be familiar with Massachusetts laws. 


Take Action

  • Reach out to your local Department of Public Works to ask if they requested 4-foot passing signs from MassDOT
  • If they did, ask about their installation timeline and how they are determining placement
  • Report back to MassBike at [email protected] and let us know what you find


Have you seen 4-foot passing signs? Let us know!

We’ve received reports that some communities have already installed some of their 4-foot passing signs. If you see a sign, please either share it on social media with the location and tag @MassBike or email a photo with the location to [email protected]. We want to see where these signs are being placed and share our thanks to municipalities who are prioritizing their installation.

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