Bay State Bike Week Wrap-Up: Bikestravaganza

Despite the rain, this year's Bay State Bike Week had a record number of events across the state. Bicyclists from Orleans to Pittsfield showed up to celebrate bicycling, as they channeled the thoughts of John Ruskin, who once wrote, "There is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."  Or, as a bicyclist I met at the Boston Bike Bash put it, "We were our own sunshine."

With over 185 registered events and only 10 event cancellations, thousands of bicyclists around the state gathered together for rides, film festivals, free breakfasts, a ribbon cutting, the BCU  Bike Month Photo Competition, and countless other events.  MassBike wants to extend a big thanks to our main partner, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and all the local event organizers, without whom this bikestravaganza could not have happened.  Below are updates about some of the events.

[caption id="attachment_4717" align="alignleft" width="295" caption="Rodrigo Marion (front right) and others at Stoughton's event"][/caption]

From Stoughton, James Conlon (City of Stoughton) and Rodrigo Marion (Old Colony Planning Commission):

"In celebration of Mass Bike Week 2011, two group bicycle rides organized by the Stoughton Bicycle and Pedestrian Task force were held in Stoughton.  The first ride was an off road trail bike ride at the Bird Street Conservation land. This was a ride which featured a tour of historic sites on publically owned land under the care, custody and control of the Stoughton Conservation Commission.

"The points of interest visited and discussed were Gilbert Gate, Gilbert Quarries, the stone wall at the northern boundary of the 12 Divisions lots, the site of the Lemur Bird/Teddie Conner’s farm homestead, the Bird St. Meadows, the Messer’s Quarry and the stone house foundation."

From Salem, Dan Shuman, owner of Salem Cycle:

"Comprehensive Racing and Salem Cycle’s kick-off event kicked off Bay State Bike Week in style with arm reflectors and T-shirts from MassBike/MassDOT and water bottles courtesy of Specialized and Salem Cycle. We had 18-1/2 in attendance, all made the picture [below right] with the exception of Dan Cooper who flatted, not once, but twice finishing an early ride and was rescued by his wife Steph who is also not in the picture. The event was well attended by bike enthusiasts but was light on community riders. Thanks Grandpa, Papa and little Maclay and Cathy for attending. I tried to convince some additional store shoppers to join us but we must have looked intimidating in all that spandex.

[caption id="attachment_4720" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Salem bicyclists at Salem Cycle"][/caption]

"Thanks all for participating, thanks Salem Cycle for hosting the meeting, thanks MassBike, MassDOT and Specialized for the giveaways, and thanks Comprehensive Racers and Salem Community for attending.  Ride safe, ride smart, just ride (and love your bike)!"

From Hyannis, Lev Malakhoff (Cape Cod Planning Commission) and Rob Miceli (MassBike Cape Cod Chapter):

[caption id="attachment_4728" align="alignright" width="350" caption="From left to right: Glenn Cannon, Cape Cod Commission; Tom Cahir, Cape Cod RTA; and Rob Miceli, MassBike Cape Cod Chapter "][/caption]

"The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) unveiled a new resource to benefit both transit riders and bikers: 'Getting To and Through Cape Cod' – a Transit-Oriented Bike Map.  The ceremony included guest-speakers (pictured from left to right) Glenn Cannon, Cape Cod Commission Technical Services Director, Tom Cahir, CCRTA Executive Director, and Rob Miceli, MassBike Cape Cod Chapter president.  Refreshments were served and free maps and BikeWeek shirts and ankle bands were distributed."

From Meryl Mandell (MassDOT) and Brian Markey (Pioneer Valley Planning Commission):

"Attached are some of the photos from our Amherst Bay State Bike Week events.  The bulk are from the Breakfast - there are some great ones in there.  Hope you enjoy them.  We had about 200 people at our events!"

[caption id="attachment_4734" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="MassDOT's Meryl Mandell on a Pennyfarthing"][/caption]

From Rutland, Ed Yaglou (Wachusett Greenway):

[caption id="attachment_4736" align="alignright" width="350" caption="Joe Reynolds Thanking the Breakfast Servers"][/caption]

"Here is a photo from Wachusett Greenways' bike ride on the Wachusett Greenways' section of the Mass Central Rail Trail, west of the Wachusett Reservoir: Sterling to Oakham, held Saturday, 21 May 11.  It shows shows cyclist Joe Reynolds thanking the breakfast servers."

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