Bike Charlie Cards Still Available

We have received reports that people have recently had difficulty getting Bike Charlie Cards (the special cards that open the secure bike parking at Alewife and Forest Hills MBTA Stations). The Jamaica Plain Gazette reported on the problem last week. We contacted the T, and here is the scoop:

  1. The T is not out of Bike Charlie Cards, however they are currently available only at the Downtown Crossing customer service center. Apparently, many Bike Charlie Cards have been handed out to people who just wanted a regular Charlie Card, depleting the relatively limited supply of Bike Charlie Cards.
  2. The T was considering limiting distribution to one or two central locations (like Downtown Crossing), but we advised that Bike Charlie Cards must be available at the stations with cages. The T agreed to replenish supplies at the stations ASAP. We expect this to be resolved within a few days; please let us know if it is not.
  3. MassBike has distributed Bike Charlie Cards in the past, at our office and events, and we will resume doing so.