Bike To Fenway

We recently received a great email from Mike Beck detailing a fantastic brochure he made for how to bicycle to Fenway Park from points north. These same directions could be modified for points south east and west, the bicycle parking information is particularly valuable. Below are some excerpts from the Brochure, download the entire thing here (.doc)

Love the RedSox but dislike the cramped GreenLine? Do you put off driving to a game to avoid shelling out $30 for parking? Does RT 2 traffic backed up to Lake Street, make you reach for the remote? Fenway Park may be closer than you think!

Check out this great map of how to bike to Fenway.

Even though Fenway Park is in the heart of the city, it is only a baseball throw from the Esplanade and the Paul Dudley White Bikepath along Storrow Drive. There is a Boston University ramp wheelchair/pedestrian bridge over Storrow Drive opposite Silber Avenue. That bicycle bridge makes getting to Fenway as easy as 1, 2, 3.

From Arlington Center “ ride along the Minuteman Trail to Alewife Station. Cycle to Concord Avenue to Huron and Sparks across Brattle to Memorial Drive. Cycle along Memorial Drive, past Anderson Bridge and John Weeks Footbridge to Western Avenue bridge. Cross over to the Boston side of the Charles River and continue left on bikepath. Once on the Paul Dudley White bikepath, you have a flat enjoyable scenic ride until you reach the Silber Street bike-ramp bridge at Boston University.

If you have any favorite routes to Fenway please let us know in the comments. If you have links to maps I will update this post with them.

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