Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

MassBike advocates for policies that encourage and support community wellness, equity, and inclusion, enable sustainable growth, drive economic vitality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

MassBike’s Vision for the Future
Bicycling in Massachusetts is a safe, respected, convenient, and enjoyable way to get around. Roads throughout the state are safe and welcoming for cyclists, and all users interact in a courteous and legal manner. Car-free pathways connect our communities, bicycles are fully integrated into our public transportation system, and secure bike parking is located where people need it. People of all kinds and means choose to bicycle for life, work, and play.

  • MassBike Updates

    MA E-Bike Law FAQs - October 2022

    We’ve been getting lots of questions about e-bikes and the recently passed Massachusetts e-bike legislation. You can always find a comprehensive overview of current Massachusetts e-bike laws at

    Our e-bikes page will be updated as new information becomes available and also includes a link to our in-depth e-bike FAQ. To be the first to know about any updates about Massachusetts e-bike laws or the status of e-bike rebates, make sure to join our mailing list.

    Below you can find a few of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received. As always, we highly encourage you to reach out to your local legislators to let them know that e-bikes are an important issue to riders across the commonwealth.

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    MassBike at NACTO: Designing Cities 2022

    By: Petru Sofio

    Between September 7th and 10th 2022, I attended the National Association of City Transportation Officials conference in Boston, MA. Over the course of a week, I learned about best practices cities across the country are using for street design. But first, what is NACTO?

    NACTO (National Association of City Transportation Officials) is a national organization formed by city transportation officials who felt that national guidance was not supporting their nuanced goals for multi-modal streets. Over the years, NACTO has grown to 91 member cities across North America. Each year, NACTO hosts a conference that allows city advocates, and elected/transportation officials to meet and share their experiences. NACTO chooses to host the conference in a different member city every year, and this year, NACTO was hosted in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, MA. 

    When I learned NACTO was coming to the Boston region, I quickly asked if I would be able to represent MassBike at the conference, and was happy to hear that my request was approved. I wanted to attend the conference because I would be able to meet transportation professionals and learn about their best practices. I also was excited to attend the conference sessions about bikeway and transit design.

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